Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm getting excited and nervous for Indie Mart! It's coming up soooooo fast. I hope to see lots of you there! It's going to be a blast. Last time I was mega-hung over from celebrating one of my bff's birthdays, but this time I'm going to be well rested and fresh as a daisy, so I can only imagine how much more fun it will be.
Are you sad because you can't make it to Indie Mart, or you live too far away for it to be an option? Well, dry your tears pal, I've got tons of books up in the Roska Handmade shop, just waiting to travel across the state, the country, hell, even the globe to come to rest in your happy hands. I'm really into these bug journals, I only have a few so if you're into them too, you would be wise to snatch them up quick.
Moth Notebook
I've also got lots of cool new bird books, and I'm adding more nearly everyday.

Nuthatches, Kinglets and Gnatcatchers Notebook

Hope to see you around soon!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Salted Caramel
If you are a long time reader of this blog, you are probably aware of my love affair with the etsy shop Savor. Savor has the most mouthwatering soaps I've encountered, as well as some of the most beautiful product images on Etsy. And the soaps definitely live up to the photos; I have yet to be disappointed and I have ordered from Savor many a time. It's my go to shop for gift giving as well, so if you know me, chances are pretty good that you've already received Savor soap, or will receive it sometime in the future. Lucky you. I'm pretty excited about the anniversary sale Savor has got going on right now. Trust me, you want to go to the Savor blog, The Cookbook, to get the deets. Hurry though, the fun ends after October 25th! I will definitely be partaking as soon as payday rolls around. I've got my eye on several items, like the Salted Caramel Creme Fraiche pictured above. It's so hard to decide, I want everything! And Lisa will be adding limited addition throughout the week, which will make my decision all the more difficult. I would share more of my favorites with you, but I've decided to be greedy and keep them to myself. I don't want you snatching them up before I get a chance to! Or maybe that would be better because it would narrow my options and make my decision easier. You know, it really doesn't matter, just go buy some soap!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hi! I'm sorry this blog was abadoned, but my life has been really busy lately! Weddings and trips and bike calendar is finally clearing up, but don't think I'm going to just settle back and relax now. No, it's time to get back in business! I have lots of plans for new products for the Roska Handmade shop, I'm hoping to get some coptic stitch sketchbooks in there and re-introduce animal sticker notebooks. Also, I have the Mission Indie-Mart coming up on November 8th. The Indie-Mart is the coolest craft fair in San Francisco, it takes place on the block next to Thee Parkside at 17th and Wisconsin and it is a lot of fun. It would be so awesome to see you there! I'm going to have the usual fun animal and record cover books as well as some holiday gift wrap stuff. It's going to be so rad! My favorite part of indie mart? Meeting lots of awesome people, and eating awesome cupcakes! What could be better than that?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hi guys! Sorry things have been so quiet around these parts. I hope to get it picking up again soon. How about some photos from my Angel Island trip to tide you over?

Yeah dudes, it was pretty rad! By the way, did you know there are some awesome new places to find me on the internet? At Goldentooth I'm writing about my goal to eat at all the restaurants in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood. At banana hamburger you can see some of my food photography and some of my other thoughts. I'm sure I'll see you there soon!