Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Globe Thistle

, originally uploaded by gregw.
Let me tell you, last night I was a crazy book making machine. I have a bunch of totally awesome new books now, I am so excited and I can't wait to share them. It's strange when inspiration strikes, I don't know what causes me to be stuck in a not caring rut all weekend then suddenly be unable to stop creating on a monday night. And now I am super bummed to have to be at work because I want to be at Goodwill scouting out more awesome records and looking for supplies for a new project I came up with last night (which will be a secret for now because I am not sure that it will happen). Such is life I guess. Well, my life anyway.
Oh, and about the globe thistle, one of my awesome birthday presents from Steve is a gocco (!) which hasn't arrived yet, but I am trying to be prepared for when it does so I am thinking about what I want to print with this amazing machine. I was reminded of a drawing I did some time ago of a flower I thought was a globe thistle, but google and flickr searches are turning up images which, while very lovely, are not the flower I drew. I'll try to get a scan of the drawing to post, then maybe y'all can help me identify it. Thanks!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Indie Mart

The indie mart yesterday was a ton of fun, I would certainly recommend it to any San Francisco residents as a lovely way to pass an afternoon. It was exciting to see a good number of shops I recognized as favorites from Etsy. I ended up walking away empty handed again (except for a couple of really delicious cupcakes), but this time it was because I had neglected to bring any cash. There were a few places I would have been happy to drop some dollars, including my new favorite, NousSavons. They have really lovely vintage inspired jewelry with whimsical names, like the above Parlor Lace earrings, which are made with vintage lace. The jury is still out on whether I will be submitting an app to participate in the next indie mart, but I will certainly keep you updated.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Things Are Happening (have happened)

I am sorry for the lack of posts in the last week. I don't exactly know what happened, I think it was a combination of being in Sacramento over the weekend, a broken alarm on my phone, and, y'know, being old now. But posts will start occuring at their regular frequency again. I'll give you a quick recap of things I've been thinking about this week.
*I am going to go to my coworker's daughter's Girl Scout meeting next weekend and teach the troupe how to make perfect bound books. This is exciting and a little scary.
*Steve and I will be hitting up the Mission Indie Mart this Sunday. Woo hoo craft shows!
*I am excited about the new record cover notebooks I've made that I'm slowly listing in the shop.
*KK of Lulaboutique wrote a really nice post about roska handmade on her blog. What a sweetie!
*I am on the lookout for art! I need things to hang on the wall, things that Steve and I will both like. Please share any suggestions you may have, either particular prints or places to buy. I'd sure appreciate it!

Friday, July 18, 2008


My creation
I made a bunch of great new books the last couple evenings that I'm really excited about, so it's driving me kind of crazy that I haven't had a chance to photograph them (and probably won't for a couple days). Instead of dwelling on that, I decided to post about some awesome animal notebooks that I've listed in the shop recently. Yep, those are them pictured above. Clockwise from top left we have bears and goats, cats and foxes, scallop shells, terns and pigeons and doves.
Regarding those new books, I'm visiting in Sacramento this weekend, so I probably won't have a chance to photograph them and list them until next week. But you never know...
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Camera

Very exciting news: I got an awesome and adorable new camera for my birthday! It is a fujifilm and it is black, just like the camera I imagined in my head when I decided I wanted a new camera. It's really tiny and thin, which is cute but also scary because I am notorious for breaking things. A camera case is the obvious answer, so I turned to etsy because I knew they would have a mess of cute ones, not like the boring ones you buy at radio shack or whatever. Here's my cream of the crop.This is the Angry Face Recycled Plastic Camera Pouch from curiousdoodles. Made with fused plastic; it combines two things I can scarcely resist: recycling and anthropomorphism.

Obscura13 makes these custom camera cases; I really like the example shown above, the embroidery and colors are so nice, but she has a bunch of vinyl color choices, and some really cool choices for liner fabric. I like the owls and outerspace.

Speaking of owls and anthropomorphism, here is an adorable camera cozy from Itybitybags. It's called Mia the Tweet and it certainly looks cozy.

There's a lot I like about this case from SallyHope; I like that it is made from a Jodeci t-shirt, I like the black and purple color combo, I like that it has a kind of funereal look to it, I like that it is machine washable! And of course I love the button.

chetanddot is so full of cute pouches it was hard to choose just one, but I think I like this Home Among the Trees Cozy the best because it is felt and the colors are so bright and pretty.

I was wowed by the pouches in suezybees' shop; she employs a wide variety of techniques in each of her pieces including applique, beading, embroidery and screenprinting. This is another shop where it was hard to choose a favorite, but I eventually settled upon this sailboat pouch.
I couldn't resist this case from pictureperfectpurses, which looks to be made from a vintage pacman bedsheet!
Here is another vintage inspired piece; this sturdy wallet with the bold stripes from valhallabrooklyn has a definite 70s or 80s feel. And I like it. I also like that it looks virtually indestructable.

I've been crushing on Vizzeli's shop for a while now because of their gorgeous messenger bags. I love that their camera case looks almost like a conventional camera case but it is made from salmon pink organic cotton canvas.

I'll end the list with this sweet Cozy Creature Cover by amyandjoshandmade. It is made of fleece and comes in a variety of colors and is ridiculously affordable. What's not to love?
Now I just have to choose which one...it would be overkill to get them all, right?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Shoes Shoes Shoes

I am a big time shoes person. I love love love shoes. Always have. I am super excited because I know I am receiving some really awesome shoes as birthday gifts. I am getting antsy with anticipation and have shoes on the brain, so I decided to do a little "safe" Etsy browsing. I say safe because I was browsing vintage shoes and since I have ginormous (size 10 wide) feet, there is no danger of me finding anything I could actually wear. Instead I can just lust after these beauties. As you can tell from the photos above, my tastes run the gamut of styles, but I am drawn to pumps and would say the overlying theme is "funky." Listing info below.
From L to R:
Row 1: Carved Leaf Wedge, Crochet Top - from vintageitville size 7 (10 inches long);
Palizzio Grey Suede peeptoe - from Lively size 7.5 (2.5 inch heel)
Corsiua Leather 1980s Electric Pink Kitten Heels - from jessjamesjake size 8.5 M
Criss Cross Peep Toe Teal - from cookiesandcreme estimated size 5.5-6 (marked 6, 9.5 inches long, 3 inches wide, 3 inch heel)

Row 2: Nike Sneakers Palettes / Graffiti Court Force - from saviourself size 8
Leather and Shoestring Huarache Sandals - from nstylevintage size 7 M (9.5 inches long, 3.25 inches wide)
Pastel Patchwork 1960s shoes - from mysweetiepiepie size 8 (9.5 inches long, 3 inches wide, 1.75 inch heel)
Saks Fifth Ave Gray Bow Heels - from vintagerevolver estimated size 9-10 (marked 10 AA, 10.75 inches long, 3 inches wide, 2 inch heel)

Row 3: Woven Brazilian Leather Pink Flats - from MariesVintage size 8
Mustard Yellow Dominic Romano Heels - from funkyfrugalfashions size 8.5 (10.5 inches long, 3 inches wide)
Bright Blue and White Shoes - from GreyBrocket size 7
Taupe Bow Detail Pumps - from NikitaJade size 8.5 (9.5 inches long, 3 inches wide, 3 inch heel)


Sale - Last Days!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day of the Birthday Sale at roska handmade. That means you can still get free shipping on the great notebooks you see above, as well as many others in the shop. Check them out here.
Also, a sneak peek at a new bird notebook that I'll be listing in just a moment.

Pretty green and pink.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh No

I'm getting a little scared. For the last couple days I've been feeling a little bit under the weather, just a little sore throat and stuffy nose, but nothing a good dose of ibuprofen couldn't fix. Then today I woke up feeling kind of like I had a cut in the back of my throat. Now, before this year that wouldn't have bothered me in the slightest, it happens to me sometimes and it goes away at the end of the day (or I end up with a little cold, no big deal). But a couple months ago I had strep throat, and it started with me feeling like I had a little cut in the back of my throat. So now I'm a little freaked out. I really don't want to get strep throat right now. I mean, Renegade is tomorrow, and my birthday is on Tuesday! Getting a bacterial infection doesn't really jive with my plans, y'know? I'm trying to just relax, I know stress doesn't help these things, and drink tons of fluids and use the power of positive thinking to keep sickness away. If anyone has any suggestions to keep me healthy, I would be really grateful to have them, thanks in advance!
For some positivity, I have a couple new books in the shop, the one pictured above with the great rabbit painting, as well as one made from an album of the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico. It's really cool, check out a detail

Ballet Folklorico de Mexico Notebook - Detail
I think the costumes are so gorgeous. Okay, keep your fingers crossed for me everyone, I DO NOT have strep throat!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rosy Finches

I just listed this Rosy Finches Notebook in the shop. Aren't they pretty? The birds pictured above actually are not rosy finches, those are red finches and gold finches. The rosy finches are on the back cover, and they are really pretty, so you should take a look at them. You can see them and other new (super cute) notebooks that are not yet in the shop on my flickr page.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Clockwise from top left: rings, Supergirl, Orange Pretzel Watchdog - Brooch, mini books

Today I have a super special treat for you; a Q&A with the wonderful and amazing Heli of HeliS! If you are not familiar with her work, I'm sure after this you will be as enchanted as I am.

Please introduce yourself.
Hi my name is Heli. I live in Istanbul, Turkey with my turkish husband. Originally I am from Finland.

Your handpainted animal brooches and wall hangings really took Etsy by storm! Your new watchdog brooches seem poised to do the same. Where did you get the inspiration for these? Are you an animal lover?
Yes, I love animals! When I was child we always had a cat or dog. I would love to have a dog now but at the moment it is not possible, unfortunately. My friendly wild animals in my etsy shop were born ‘by accident’ last year. I casted plaster and had a little shapes but didn’t know what to do with them until in the beginning of the year when the first Polar bear showed his face.

You obviously have a love for the miniature. Have you always?
I don’t love miniature speacially, I am not a collector nor have obsession to tiny things. Actually I have been wondering why I make these tiny things? Maybe one reason for that is that they are easy to ship and it is fun to make them.

I recently read about you in the Storque article about European expats. How does living in Instanbul influence your work? How did you adjust to your new home? By the way, I think your story is so romantic!
Thanks! I don’t know how much Istanbul or Turkey has influence to my work, maybe not very much. I think I have more influence from Finland especially for my little book covers.

Can you tell us some of your favorite spots in Instanbul?
The islands in front of Istanbul are must in summer. So peaceful and natural places without cars with a touch of old days. As a Finnish who have used to live in quite small cities noisy and crowdy Istanbul is sometimes a pain and the most favorite places are the places with nature and silence and no other people around.

To what do you attribute your sucess on Etsy?
Originality, good pictures and regular listing and relisting. Making treasuries and being on treasuries is the most efficient thing to draw people in your shop if you are lucky enough to hit the front page in etsy I think. I am a member of European street team EST and we help eachother to promote our shops by making treasuries and it is always a big happy happening in our EST thread when a EST treasury hits the etsy frontpage.

Where else can we find your work?

I have a shop in DaWanda where I sell also handscreenprinted t-shirts and bags: http://en.dawanda.com/shop/HeliS

Anything else we should know about you or your shop?

I quit smoking over 4 months ago and I am so proud of myself! Yeah! :)


Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday = Sad Day

Trying out the Digital Mosaic
I had such a wonderful long weekend, and I am not super happy that it is over. It was so much fun! I saw a bunch of movies at reperatory theaters and made my house all shiny and clean and worked and worked and worked and took a lovely walk in Golden Gate Park. Ah, if only it could last forever. But it can't, and, you know, that's really ok. If my whole life was a weekend, what would I have to look forward to?
I discovered this cool mosaic tool last week, and I've been having a bunch of fun with it. I used it to put together those two detail shots up there of a Surprise project I'm working on. I used it to make this cute montage of my cat Ava.
AVA Mosaic

And this one of statues in Golden Gate Park.
GG Park Statues Mosaic

Yep, fun stuff. That pretty much sums up my weekend. I have some cool stuff coming up for you this week, so stayed tuned.

Oh, also I was featured on this neat blog, Environmental Friendlies. The name is pretty self explanatory, it features products that are friendly to the earth. I am honored to have my books featured. You should check it out!


Giveaway Winner!

The summer giveaway is over as of this morning. I want to thank all of you who entered for the sweet birthday wishes and other kind words. But even though you are all wonderful, there can only be one winner. The random number generator has spoken and the winner is ... Lula Boutique!!! Congrats Lula, I will be contacting you soon to see which spirograph notebook you've chosen.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Renegade SF

Renegade Craft Fair, originally uploaded by DaveyWilson.

I'm getting really excited about the Renegade Craft Fair! This is the first year that there will be one in San Francisco, and it will also be the first time I've been to a craft fair since I was in kindergarten and my mom was selling her puffy painted tshirts in the Elks Lodge parking lot. I'm really looking forward to it. It's being held at Fort Mason, one of my very favorite places, on July 12th and 13th. I was looking at the vendor list a little while ago and it looks like there will be lots of awesome shops there. One of them is a recent etsy find of mine, honeylux, a letterpress company in Oakland. I love pretty much everything in the honeylux shop and am really tempted to buy it all up right now, but I'm thinking I'll wait until Renegade, it will be more fun to buy stuff there. Stuff like this

Twilight by honeylux

Yeah, I don't know if I'm going to be able to hold out for another week. If you're going to be at Renegade SF, I hope I'll see you there!


ps - Don't forget to enter the notebook giveaway here. The winner will be announced on monday!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


81, originally uploaded by lucy rose.

I'm so tired today, I am almost too tired to blog. In fact, I had pretty much decided that I definitely wasn't going to blog, but it felt really unnatural. It's been about a month now I think that I have been blogging everyday. Before that it was incredibly sporadic. I'm not sure what happened, it was like a switch was flipped. Now I am a blog-a-holic. And so you have this post, in which I can think of very little to say because my poor brain is so fatigued, and yet I am compelled to write you a little something. So I'll just say two things, one is LucyPlayer, who's work was very recently shared on this blog, has started her own blog, lucyplayer.blogspot.com, so you should pay that a visit. Also, her shop is growing chockfull of amazing things, so you might want to stop by there as well.
And the second thing is just to remind all readers about my giveaway. Don't forget to leave a comment on the giveaway post!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer = Presents for You

First, I have to share the present I bought for myself.

Dinosaur Brooch

I bought it in the Modish shop's big closing sale and it arrived in the mail yesterday! Isn't it cute! I can't wait to wear it, I almost did today but I don't really want to wear it to work. You can get one too, or loads of other really adorable brooches, at the allira.com shop.

Okay, on to the present for you! I decided, since today is the first day of July, and July is my birthday month and all and I will be getting loads of beautiful sandals and other nice presents, it's only fair that I should give a gift to someone else. So, I am having my first blog giveaway. One of you lovely commenters on this post will receive your choice of one of my spirograph notebooks, like this one:

That's right, dudes, you get to choose! So, just leave a comment on this post, say something nice, and at the end of this patriotic week, I will randomly choose a winner!

Good luck!