Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How To Be Calm

I am kind of sad because I went to this new-ish salon in my neighborhood and I was disappointed. I wanted to like it so much before I went because it looked nice, and so much more after I was there because everyone who worked there was so nice. But I was disappointed! I got a manicure and a pedicure and the actual processes were fine, they felt nice, but the results are less than stellar. My pedicure has chipped already, after only two days. Two days! That is not normal. And my manicure...where to begin. The paint doesn't go all the way to the edges of my nails, I can make out the layers of polish, you can see all these tiny airbubbles, and my nails are all different shapes. So, I am kind of sad. I probably won't go there again. I am trying to enjoy my manicure still, because it is white which is kind of fun. I think I might get blue next time. I'm trying to start a new color trend. Anyway, the point of all this jabber is that my new year's resolution is to try to relax. Some people (Steve) might laugh at this resolution because they think I am lazy. I mean more like stop worrying all the time, thinking too much while I'm trying to go to sleep, giving myself a stomache over things I can't control. That kind of relaxing. Not the making the house messy not making notebooks kind of relaxing. That kind of relaxing has got to go, stat.

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