Thursday, January 24, 2008

sweatpants and sweatpants

The ol' blog got a bit of a makeover today, in honor of that broken ruler (it was orange). Not. I just thought things were looking a little washed out, so these colors seem richer to me. Or, as Nina Garcia loves to say, it looks expensive. Not.
Anyway, I was poking around my favorites' favorites on etsy today and found this awesome shop Red Sweatpants Blue Sweatpants. I would love them for the name alone, it reminds of a really awesome blog someone I know had for about two seconds that I unfortunately cannot find a link for right now. But! I love them because they have A W E S O M E clothes that would totally make Steve throw up if i were to wear them. Like this

Steve would have a conniption fit. Because it is too awesome for him to understand. (jk!) This jacket is cute too

So, the gist is that these two kids from Connecticut love sweatpants (just like me) and screen print their totes cute designs on to thrifted gear. Or, I guess in some cases, ie the sweatshirt, they applique.

I just finished up a little questionnaire (that I should have done like last week) for another etsy sellers blog, so I will link to that when/if he publishes it. It, in conjunction with writing about Red Sweatpants Blue Sweatpants got me to thinking that I really should be attempting to interview the peeps I'm featuring on here like I promised long ago. I think that would be really cool. So, maybe some day I'll get around to it.

Oh, also, I am going to have to do a professional visitation for my graphic design class before march. I was looking around etsy today to see who I could call and I am pretty excited about my prospects. If you know anyone working in the graphic design industry who would be cool with me asking them some questions and visiting their place of work leave me a sweet little comment and I will be eternally grateful. and comment if you think the blog's new look sucks/is awesome/ could be better/whatevs.


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Brendan said...

Hey thanks for your writeup! I just found it!

We do love the sweatpant life, we also love rapping about sweatpants and wearing sweatpants:

Red/Blue/Purple Sweatpants