Friday, February 15, 2008


For the last couple days I've been drinking Kombucha, which is basically a fermented tea. I first tried it last year because I'd read about it so much and heard so many people raving about it. I was surprised and put of by the vinegary taste of it then, but the other day the little organic juice and lunch counter I go to near my office was all out of juice and the friendly counter girl suggested Kombucha. I thought, why not? and got a bottle of the multi green (which has spirulina and blue algae and all that kind of good stuff) and took it upstairs. I was prepared for the sourness this time, and decided to just take a big gulp. It was still a little offputting, but I perservered taking swig after swig until it started to taste pretty good. Kombucha is naturally carbonated so it is reminiscent of beer or even champagne, which isn't too bad. And once you have a few slugs down, you start to notice a very nice flowery and fruity aftertaste. By the last of my first bottle, I was hooked. What is unfortunate is that Kombucha must contain gold or diamond dust or something because it is ridiculously expensive. The little bottle at the counter downstairs costs four bucks! So as I was sipping my Kombucha today, I remembered this article from the Craftzine blog about making your own Kombucha. Then I thought, "hmm, if they are talking about Kombucha on wonder if anyone has Kombucha paraphenalia on Etsy?
The answer? Yes, of course! Two sellers, PippiGreenHeart and matthewnmolly are selling Kombucha starter kits or culture and PippiGreenHeart is selling her own Kombucha. Those etsy folks. They just do it all. So, I am super excited and am going to go now and do some research about brewing your own Kombucha, and I expect you all to go out and research by buying some Kombucha and drinking it all up. Then we can let each other know how everything goes. Ready, set, go!


smittenkittenorig said...

This sounds like something I'll have to try out. The drinking not the making. :) But I will check out those shops.

Kiley said...

I've been brewing my own for about a year now, its easy and tasty. If you brew your own you can add more juice in the bottling phase to make it sweeter- but I love the sour vinegar taste!
Let me know if you did get started or if you have any quesions!