Thursday, April 3, 2008

Not Too Late

It's now been officially over a month since I've posted here. Oops. I guess I've been sidetracked by street fashion blogs lately. Since I started working in an office and going out less, my wardrobe has become totally sleep inducing and lazy, so I like to look at blogs like (because it is San Francisco based) and The Sartorialist (because it is basically The Godfather of street fashion blogs) and imagine that I'm going to start dressing awesome again. But that never happens. Because I'm lazy. But I like to dream.
I've also been sidetracked by Baby-Sitters' Club blogs, which is a teensy bit embarrassing, but not that embarrassing because, judging by the way What Claudia Wore blew up in my blogosphere this week, I am not the only gal who just ate up the BSC series. Which is kind of obvious because, if I were, it's doubtful that Ann M. Martin and ghostwriters would have written hundreds of entries to the series. Or that Ann M. Martin would have ghostwriters at all. Anyway, blogs, yes, What Claudia Wore is a good one, and there is also BSC Headquarters, the first BSC blog I started reading. That one is a little snarkier. Really though, it's crazy how nearly every blog that I check on a daily basis mentioned What Claudia Wore within the last four days. It's a display of connectivity, I think. Or not. I don't really know what connectivity means. Dictionary, a little help please?

The quality or condition of being connected or connective.
The ability to make and maintain a connection between two or more points in a telecommunications system: a phone company that offers excellent Internet connectivity.
Well, I guess that's kind of what I meant. It'll do. Please leave me a comment if you have a suggestion for a word that would work better.
So, on the creative front...nothing much is happening. I'm trying to get together some drawings that I'm happy with to post on Etsy, and I've also been contemplating doing some linoleum cut prints...maybe on fabric. I'm feeling very indecisive at the moment. I'll try to post some pictures of things I've been working on soon.

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