Thursday, June 12, 2008

I am Yart

So, the amazing craftspeople of etsy, in their infinite wisdom, have put their heads together and come up with one great concept: the summer Yart sale. Yart = Yard + Art. It's like a yard sale for art...on the internet...anyway, I had been planning a sale for later this summer to "celebrate my birthday" (July 15th, ugh....) so I've decided to combine the two. I am, starting today, offering free shipping on all my renewed album cover notebooks until July 15th!! Also, there will be other special deals on other special items. So, if you've had you eye on any of these beauties, now is the time my friends.

Miami Vice Soundtrack

Flashdance Soundtrack

And...if you'd like to see who else is participating in the Yart sale, you can go to Etsy and search for yart or you can click here and see some examples and click on some links. Happy shopping!


P.S. - btw, there are waaaay more books on sale in my shop right here.

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