Friday, June 6, 2008

Sweater Weather

Luckily for me, San Francisco is pretty much sweater weather all year long. I say luckily because I love cardigans. They are probably my favorite article of clothing. At least right up there with T-Shirts. And nothing goes better with a cardigan than a cute T-Shirt! Since I am always on the lookout for cute little sweaters, I was searching Etsy yesterday and I found some really nice pieces that I thought I would share with y'all. This first one is from the shop of BossaNovaBaby, which is chock full of adorably screenprinted clothes like this baby pink cardigan. I love the color and I love the embroidery. I also love that the Virgin of Guadalupe sits between your shoulder blades; I like decorations of the upper backs of shirts.
I like the sportiness of this Cosby Cardigan from chinedesigns. And, of course, you gotta love the crest. I am unabashedly one of those girls who shops in the men's discount section and steals clothes from her boyfriend, but if you're not one of those girls, they also offer a similar sweater made for the ladies here.
Regular readers may recognize the work of Fur Parade, one of my favorite favorite Etsy sellers. Here we have their totally awesome Ram's Head Vintage Sweater. Orange is one of those colors that I don't wear too often and that I think a lot of people are a little scared of, but really looks great on most.Here is a gorgeous little sweater from a Jubilant Collective, who says that this was handmade by her grandmother (and who, btw and speaking of orange, is wearing a Boy Scout Tiger shirt much like one I used to rock). I imagine it is pretty light, which makes it perfect as a little summer coverup.
Last, we have this fun little number from postlapsaria. I am totally digging the grey leopard print, and the juxtaposition of the retro ladylike color and cut with the kind of SoCal punk rockabilly pattern. Not usually my style, but there's just something about the combo that I like.
Here's hoping I can score some awesome finds like these at my local thrift store...but I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

Oh I really like the little sweater. Cute!

Anonymous said...

I freakin' love that leopard print one! SO CUTE!