Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday = Sad Day

Trying out the Digital Mosaic
I had such a wonderful long weekend, and I am not super happy that it is over. It was so much fun! I saw a bunch of movies at reperatory theaters and made my house all shiny and clean and worked and worked and worked and took a lovely walk in Golden Gate Park. Ah, if only it could last forever. But it can't, and, you know, that's really ok. If my whole life was a weekend, what would I have to look forward to?
I discovered this cool mosaic tool last week, and I've been having a bunch of fun with it. I used it to put together those two detail shots up there of a Surprise project I'm working on. I used it to make this cute montage of my cat Ava.
AVA Mosaic

And this one of statues in Golden Gate Park.
GG Park Statues Mosaic

Yep, fun stuff. That pretty much sums up my weekend. I have some cool stuff coming up for you this week, so stayed tuned.

Oh, also I was featured on this neat blog, Environmental Friendlies. The name is pretty self explanatory, it features products that are friendly to the earth. I am honored to have my books featured. You should check it out!


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Michele P. said...

what a pretty tortie Ava is! She has a bit more cream in her than my Brujita, but I just love tortoiseshell kitties! She's a pretty girl! And poses very nice for pics btw, mine just flops on my computer keyboard or on my bed and doesn't care how she is looking these days!