Thursday, August 28, 2008

Etsy Finds - CheapCharlie

I think I mentioned a week or so ago that I had plans to reorganize my wardrobe by getting rid of clothes I didn't wear anymore. Well, I did that, and I was pretty hard on myself about not keeping things that didn't fit or that really just didn't look cute on me no matter how cute they looked on the hanger. And you know what? The result was that I was left with a lot of nice shirts and cardigans. And that's it, they were nice. Nice but super boring. My whole wardrobe was dark blue, gray or black; there were solid colors only, no patterns, and everything was either t-shirt or polo style. I began to fear I was going to look terribly old and square. My first instinct was to run out and start buying armloads of brightly patterned structurally interesting clothes somewhere like H&M. But then I came up with a brilliant idea: why not perk my boring duds up with some quirky brooches? Yeah, I know, I'm a fashion genius. Of course, I found loads of darling brooches, vintage and handmade, on Etsy. I mean simply loads. If you take a look at my favorites on etsy you'll see what I found to be the cream of the crop. My numero uno was cheapcharlie's shop, which was stocked with some absolutely incredible enamel vintage brooches. They are uncirculated deadstock, and so are in excellent condition. Many of the brooches she has for sale still have the tags attached! Bonus, they come in adorable animal shapes (I got a brown swan and an orange and black panda). She has sold a lot of her stock already but she still has plenty of cuteness that I expect will go fast. Better get over there dudes!

Vintage Goat Ram Enamel Brooch (orange)

Top of Post: Vintage Panda Gold Enamel Brooch (BrownBlack)
PS - did I mention that these (and shipping) are insanely affordable? For reals!

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