Friday, September 5, 2008

92 degrees!

OMGeezy you guys! It is 92 degrees right now right here in San Francisco! 92 degrees! Fahrenheit! That is only 2 degrees cooler than it is right now in TEXAS. Texas is only marginally hotter that SAN FRANCISCO. Try to wrap your head around that craziness. Just looking at that picture of the lovely Sacramento River with those cute geese swimming in it has made me feel a lot cooler. But I still just can't believe 92 degrees. It used to be that I almost never left the house without a jacket (or at least a sweater), and when I say jacket I mean more like a wool coat. Today I left for work in a tshirt. At 8:30 in the morning! I never would have dreamed of wearing a tshirt at 8:30 in the morning 2 years ago. No, I don't like it one bit.
Anyway, sorry for the lack of posting over the past week, I was unexpectedly in Eugene, Oregon (where it was beautiful and cool and even rained a little bit) for a few days. There's not much to report; it's been absolutely ages since I've made any new books, so I am really chomping at the bit to get some done; I'm thinking that will happen tomorrow night. And it may also be the maiden voyage for my gocco! Ooh, the prospect is almost too exciting! I'll keep you abreast of all developments.
PS - My spot in the indie fixx galleria started today, go take a look!


Tia Colleen said...

ugh, 92 degrees, I'm very familiar with that number. And you're right, it IS 94 in Texas right now, haha. I hate the heat. I can't wait for fall to get here. Even though in Texas there are really only two seasons, summer and winter.

melroska said...

I hate the heat too, hence I moved to San Francisco!
There used to be seasons in San Francisco, although fall seemed to really outlast the rest of them, but I think there are now only two here as well; summer and rain.