Thursday, September 11, 2008

On Cats and New Notebooks

This is more like him
Oh yes, you heard right, there is a new goosey notebook in the shop. Hurrah!
So, as I've been saying, things have been a little crazy lately. I'm feeling rundown and sometimes in a funk. Oh, nothing serious, just not feeling quite up to par. I'm sure we all feel that way once in a while. Well, I think I've found a cure for all of us. It's called an adorable cuddly cat, like Mr. Nick Nolte up there. Last night we fell asleep with him all cuddled up in my arms. It was pretty adorable. The result? I feel leagues better today. If only we could send a cute kitten to all the leaders of nations so they could cuddle up to them at night. I think probably the world would be a better place.
(I'm sorry, I think I have used the word cuddle too many times in this post. It's starting to look strange to me.)


Anonymous said...

Dont' worry, I get like that too sometimes. Where you just don't want to do anything, just laze around and be mopey (: At least, that's how I feel sometimes. Its ok though because it makes the good times seem even better!

Btw, I've awarded you the Best Blog award!! Check out my blog!

melroska said...

thank you so much! you are too kind.