Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I really enjoy blogging, but I am often remiss in doing so because I like to include at least one photo with each post, preferably one of my own, and this causes trouble for me because I have been very bad lately about taking photos and even worse about uploading them to flickr. I just had a nice long weekend vacation in the LA and Orange County area and I took not one photo. But I really wanted to blog today, so I decided to scrounge up some interesting-ness from flickr that I haven't shared here before. I was tagged by the ever-lovely Erin to share 6 unimportant things that make me happy, so here goes:
This photo brings me unlimited joy. I love the zebra shirt on the girl in front, I love the huge smiles on my sisters' faces (in the second row) and I love that I look like a crazy creepy monk with a dashing mustache (in the third row). And, of course, I love Space Mountain. I think Space Mountain photos are probably the best of all the Disneyland ride photos.
Oven fries. I've been thinking about them all day. I can't wait to go home and bake some up. Yum.


Wild bunnies in Leisure World (where my grandmother lives in Orange County).



Leisure World. It is pretty amazing. It almost makes me want to get old so I can live there. Only 30 more years!


The day or two after I tidy up the house and maybe decorate a little, when the house looks almost normal and cute, before I trash it again.


When I can access all the websites I want to on my computer at work. Today, no Jezebel, no McSweeney's, no PhotoshopDisasters, no Facebook.

So, I am tagging whoever reads this blog, which is ... I'm not sure who. But if you do, thanks!

Also, I really hope to have new notebooks in the shop very soon, I have a bunch made that are just sitting in a nice stack on my desk, waiting for conditions to be right for photography. It will happen someday, I just know it.



TheSeaWithin said...
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TheSeaWithin said...

What is this leisure world? I want to live there!

melroska said...

leisure world is this awesome retirement village, it is about 1 mile square and totally self contained (with grocery store, hospital, library, swimming pool, etc). It was built in the sixties so the architecture is pretty groovy. and, for some reason, it has a bunch of wild bunnies running all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Love the Space Mt. picture! I've never been there (Disney Land), but it looks fun!

There's actually a place called Leisure World?! I SO want to live there when I'm older!