Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Marc Jacobs Misses His Youth

I know I promised Vena Cava like a million days ago, but I have to talk about Marc Jacobs right now, and if I have time, I will get to more. But more likely, the other shows will have to wait again. Now, here's the thing about Marc Jacobs: I kind of love him, and I kind of hate him. I love his logo, I love his perfumes, I love the bottles his perfume comes in, I love the mouse shoes, I love Marc by Marc Jacobs with the cute totes and tshirts, I love the enamel apple clock pendant...but I hate the majority of what he puts out on the runway, I hate his advertisements with Dakota Fanning and Sofia Coppola and I hate his obsession with the 1990s. I get it, Marc, you were THE grunge designer, whatever. It's too soon to bring it back. He can't just let it die, though, so we get this: And this:

Nice midriff. Anyway, I read a few places that this show was supposed to be inspired by Grey Gardens. I've never seen that movie, blah blah, but I felt that the show was a little more Jackie O on crack. Witness:

What I do have to give Marc Jacobs credit for, which is also the reason, I think, that I am still a Marc Jacobs believer, is that he really has a great eye for color. Look at this:
Okay, please ignore the skirt (what is up with skirts this season?) and just focus on the color combinations. Red, turquoise and seafoam green? I never in a million years could have imagined this would look so hot. It's the perfect way to take advantage of how good green and red look against each other without coming off all Christmassy. And the shoes, even though I can't see them that well, I am totally coveting them. This is the look that made me fall in love with Marc Jacobs all over again for the first time. With the first few looks I was sad because I felt like it was really over for me, I was definitely done with him. I just can't parse with this:
Or this:
But then he blows me away with this:
Again, please focus on the colors. Yellow...and yellow-orange! Who know they'd make such a great team? I'm having heart palpitations here, I don't know if I can even handle the addition of the navy blue/turquoise handbag...it's all almost too much to bear. Ok Marc Jacobs, I can forgive you for this:
And even this:Yipes, almost. (Please god, don't let see through lounge pants be the new hot thing this year) But this may be your very last chance.

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