Tuesday, November 6, 2007

blogs y'all pt. 2

1. my love for you is a stampede of horses - Ok, first of all, I just love the title of her blog. So romantic, huh? The author, Meighan, has a great eye for art, jewelry, and fashion. I have been introduced to so many innovative and unique artists through this blog. When I started reading this blog, Meighan was living in San Francisco, and in a section called cutiepies I could check out what all the cool kids in my town were wearing. Recently she moved to Boston, so I'm excited to start seeing how the cool kids in New England are gussying themselves up.

2. Wooster Collective - On the Wooster Collective site they have the most amazing collection of street art I have ever seen. People send in their photos of works from all over the world. If you are ever feeling a little rut-ish, Wooster Collective is a good place to look for inspiration, you will be awed by the art, trust me. Here's an example of one of my favorites, from London.

3. little doodles - This is Kate Wilson's blog. Kate does the most adorable illustrations of little birds and the most drool inducing fashion drawings. She makes clothes and (especially) shoes look even more delicious than real life. For the last few days she's been putting her impeccable taste to use making holiday gift guides for her readers. Looks like a very stylish Christmas.

4. typewriter - Here is a fun blog out of Canada. It's written by the mastermind behind KiwiPunchDesigns, where you can purchase lovely hand stitched greeting cards. She often posts her works in progress, but the blog is definitely more personal journal than all business. Which is fine by me because she is quite the winning writer; she is funny and cheerful and sweet. Also, I love reading blogs and feeling that something isn't quite right, and gradually putting the pieces together to find that they are writing from some where outside the US. I just love blogs from foreign lands! That is one of the cool things about typewriter, I feel like I really get a sense of Canadian life.

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