Friday, January 18, 2008

Leaving early

So you may have noticed (but probably not because i think my shop is being very unpopular lately) that i haven't added any new items to my shop in a while. last night i was finally getting ready to reverse this sitch, i was all set to make some new little books, i had my paper blocks already made, i thought to myself, "now i just need to measure out these pieces of matting that will become the covers." which is when i realized that my ruler had been run over by a computer chair and crushed to bitsy pieces. and also that i do not have another ruler. there is not a ruler in my house. sometimes i am really amazed by the things we do not have because they are things that i pretty much take for granted. like rulers. and formerly like staplers, but then it turned out that we actually have two. anyway, the point is that i will soon make new books, but first i am going to have to buy a ruler. preferrably one not made of brittle plastic that will crumble like a tortilla chip.
i am leaving for monterey in a matter of minutes. i hope it will be pretty there and i will take pictures and draw things for your enjoyment.

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