Monday, April 21, 2008

Fuzzy Notebooks

Friday night I ended up home all alone, which is the perfect set up for one of two things to happen; either I order takeout, burrow into the couch and watch degrassi and eat donuts all night, or I am super-productive superwoman. Luckily, this time the latter situation was the winner, and I tucked into a feast of bookmaking. I'd bought a bunch of felt rectangles a couple years ago with grand ideas to make a stuffed book about dinosaurs, but that never came to fruition, so I've been trying to come up with ways I can use all of it, and I came up with the idea of using them for notebook covers. I am pretty happy with my first attempts, so happy in fact, that they ended up in my etsy shop! Here are some pictures

Aren't they cute? I used some buttons that I had leftover from another project (knit ipod covers for my sisters a couple Christmases ago) because I know how to sew buttons. You should be able to see in the pictures that the stitches are far from even; I did all the sewing by hand and I don't sew, that's why it looks like that. I like it though, I think it works with the materials to give it a kind of "I made this in my kindergarten craft corner" look. Which is kind of what I was going for. I wish I could have used some of that gigantic yarn they always have in kindergarten classes. Remember that stuff? You probably have to buy it from teacher supply stores. I should get some, it would be fun to make necklaces with. Anyway, I'm rambling again. Right, the books are in the shop, check 'em out when you get a chance. A bunch more books will be popping up in there in the next few days, along with the drawings that I shared in the last post (plus more drawings that haven't been seen yet). Very exciting! I'm also hoping to have some more etsy artist interviews soon, there are a couple shops that I've been crushing on hard, I just need to get around to contacting the folks behind them, so look for those within the next couple weeks.

Oh, and I just realized that I haven't talked about my mom's shop on here yet! My mom is a real hand at the knitting needles and the crochet hook. She's been selling her gorgeous scarves at the elementary school she works at for a while now and I finally convinced her to get on etsy, and now she is! Check out some of the pictures (taken by me, featuring my mom and my sisters)

Totes cute, right?!? If you need a scarf, this is the place for you to go, I promise. The shop name is JillRoska and she has 11 scarves up in the shop now, including the ones pictured here, but she is a crazy prolific knitter, and I know she has baskets and baskets full of yarn just waiting to be made into something perfect for you. She does custom orders too! Seriously, you need to peep it right now!


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