Monday, November 24, 2008

Apple Hill

Apple Hill Granny Smiths
I was just sitting at my desk, munching on a delicious apple and thinking, mmm, this apple is perfect. My mind wandered from thought to thought as it tends to do, meandering from crisp apple to lovely fall weather to the impending Thanksgiving holiday and finally stopping with, Hello! It is time to go to Apple Hill! And that is the most wonderful thought of all.
Do you know what is at Apple Hill? That's right, a whole lot of apples. But! Also! There are apple donuts and apple wine and apple butter and apple cider(cold and hot) and apple streusel and apple buns and apple tart and apple chips and fudge and honey and salt water taffy and tchotkes and a fishing pond and about a million different kinds of apple pie. A million I tell you! And, if it isn't raining, there may be a whole pig roasting on a spit.
Apple Hill is, of course, a horrible and tacky tourist trap, but it is also completely amazing and in some of the most beautiful country in the world, the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. More to the point, it is in Camino, CA, which is about an hour north of Sacramento on Highway 50. And actually, it is quite easy to avoid the more touristy parts, if that's what you're after. Apple Hill is an association of 56 farms, and they are all more or less located on a loop (Apple Hill Scenic Drive) and there are many of those that are just orchards where you can fill a box with apples you pick yourself and stroll around and enjoy the quiet. As much as I love that, I do really love the touristy spots as well. This year, my two wishes for my Apple Hill trip are 1. It doesn't rain, and 2. I get to try apple pie with cheddar cheese. I can't wait!
if you'd like to visit Apple Hill yourself, you can get directions and read more about the farms here: Apple Hill Growers Association.

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