Friday, April 24, 2009

I forgot I said I was going to share pictures from my Sactown trip! Well, here they are, my sister Jaqui at Folsom Dam. It's a pretty cool spot.
Oh, I am so glad it's Friday! This weekend is going to be A W E S O M E. Well, I hope so anyway. It will certainly be better than work! I have some fun stuff planned, like movies, hanging out in my old hood and hitting up the Mission Indie Mart. It hardly seems likely that all that could not be fun.
I'm pretty exhausted today; I'm not sure why. I spent a few hours last night cutting paper into notebook size pieces and I've hardly made a dent in what I need to do! But it feels good to get it done. I'm hoping to check out a used bookstore tomorrow to see if I can't find some cool nature guides for covers. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Ok, it's definitely coffee time now!

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gracia said...

Spring seems to certainly have sprung in the blogging world... here's hoping the weekend served you well and that you managed to squeeze in that coffee.