Friday, December 4, 2009

So last night I decided it was time to tackle a sink full of dishes that were probably more than a week old. Yeah, that's right, my house is sometimes a pigsty. Steve and I are both messy people and we try to keep our shit together when it comes to housekeeping stuff, but sometimes our true natures get the best of us. I can't help who I am. Anyway, when I got a whiff of that sink I was sure glad I had an arsenal of Mrs. Jones' Soapbox products to help me get the job done.
Mrs. Jones' Soapbox has quickly become my most favorite of etsy shops. Jamie, the proprietress, has a line of cleaning products that are all natural, packaged with recycled and upcycled materials, nice smelling and pretty. It's practically a miracle. An even bigger miracle? This stuff works, and it works great! My favorite product is the Tub and Tile Scrub, which smells like almonds and has a wonderful fluffy texture that kind of makes me want to eat it, and it gets my disgusting sink sparkling clean with a minimum of elbow grease. Also great is the Laundry Detergent, which made my clothes noticeably softer and also has a pleasant though subtle smell. And I just have to mention the Wood and Furniture Conditioner, which makes my coffee table gleam. And Jamie herself is the sweetest! Most important, it makes me feels good to know that I won't be accidentally poisoning my cats, who are pretty dumb and like to lick things.

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