Thursday, August 16, 2007


Last night was the first class of the drawing course I'm taking at City College. I'm excited! We're going to be using India Ink! This class is mostly so I can take a printmaking class next semester, but I'm hoping it will inspire me.

I made a cool notebook for my friend for his birthday. It was my first try using a record sleeve as the cover, and it turned out ok. The paper block turned out kind of wavy, and there were a few loose pages. I'm going to try again tonight, with book tape. The problem that I didn't think of before is what to do with records after I use their sleeves. My mom sent me this, which is pretty cool. I think I could take this basic idea and really run with it. When I was in Occidental last weekend I came upon Renga, and they had neat coasters made of just the label of old records. If you live in the North Bay Area, or are visiting there, I definitely recommend stopping by Renga, it is the cutest little shop in a really unexpected place.

I am hoping to have some pictures up on this blog soon. I need to get in some more practice with my digital camera, but by the weekend (I hope) you will be able to see examples of my work on this page.


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