Friday, August 17, 2007


I am currently on a bit of an elephant kick. It first popped into my mind last month, trying to make a cute circus themed thank you card for my grandparents. I was finding it very difficult to draw the elephants and it was really taking away from my bowling game...because I always bowl while I make thank you cards, don't you? Anyway, I was noticing these stuffed elephants that my coworker has in the cube across from me (ahh, the cube life) and I realized that elephants are easy to draw! They only have two shapes to them if you draw them in profile, and now I've just been busy busy doodling elephants all day! Then I turned to Etsy, of course, and look what I found!

~ The Best of Friends Brooch by Stick In the Mud - It doesn't get much cuter than pink elephants. This brooch would be perfect on a t-shirt or a big canvas bag. I'm glad I found Stick in the Mud in my search for all things elephant, she has a huge inventory of cute stud earrings(dinosaurs!), and lots of other little treasures.

~Japanese Elephants Zip Pouch by KungFuCowgirl - Ooh, kawaii! I love the colors of this bag, so fresh. And what is so exciting is that KungFuCowgirl is having a pretty awesome deal at her Etsy shop now, where any three zip pouches 5x5 or smaller are only $12 shipped! And she will remake a sold item if she still has the fabric. Hmm, it's almost too tempting.

~White Elephants block print by Amanda Kindregan - I love the colors in this print, and the little elephants look so sweet and sleepy. Be sure to check out Amanda's blog to see new work if you dig her rustic-retro prints and paintings.

~I Will Never Forget You necklace by basilthecat - basilthecat makes funky, pretty jewelry using materials she picks up at thrift shops, estate sales, and the like, which means a lot of her pieces are one of a kind, like this elephant necklace (I love the name!). This pendant has really amazing detail, it reminds me of something my grandmother has.

~ Baby Boy Elephant Mobile by GeorgeBee - Ok, I know it says baby boy ... but I can't resist the big eyes! They're too much for me! And I am really into felt lately. Unfortch, I could never own this (or any other mobile, I suppose), the cats would destroy it in a matter of minutes! But maybe another of GeorgeBee's felt items. She also has amazing handpainted false nails! So amazing! I am head over heels for the lime green set, they are so outrageous, but Steve would not be pleased. And how would I type?
I should probably quit the Etsy before I get myself in too much trouble!
Again, I am hoping to get some pictures of my work on here by tomorrow, if I am not too hungover after my friend's birthday party tonight. Cross your fingers!

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meighan said...

i love the elephant necklace. thanks for th e tip on her stuff. super cute.