Friday, June 27, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Llamas with Larkspur Funny Farm

Lark Spur Funny Farm originally caught my eye because of it's bounty of beautiful handpainted yarns and dyed silk cocoons. The other day something different popped up in the shop; adorable llamas! Grace, the proprietress of the farm, airbrushed her little creatures onto cotton swatches; the one above has a gold sparkle to it, how cool is that? I've been a fan of airbrushing since I was a kid, it's a technique I would love to learn. I've never seen airbrushing used in quite this way though. I love these so much, and I think you will too. But Grace has only two in her shop, the above sparkly fellow on blue and another on beige, and she says she has no plans to make more. And you know what that means; you had better scoot on over there before they're gone!

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