Monday, June 16, 2008

I want these so bad it hurts a little bit

Spongetta is one of my newest Etsy obsessions. I found her though the forums where someone was exalting her skillz as a treasury curator. Well, she certainly is that thing, but more importantly, look at these purses! They are so so so cute....I wish I could buy half her shop, but especially these two, Nubby Teal Purse and Stacatto Purse. Unfortunately, I am still not buying anything for myself...sigh. But you know, someone's birthday is just around the corner...
UPDATE - Boo hoo! The Nubby Teal Purse has been sold!


Anonymous said...

Too bad that top purse sold, it's so cute and I love the color!

Seeing this etsy sellers stuff made me check out your store again (: Great items!!

Anonymous said...

I have more fabric and can always make another! Thank you so much! This is wonderful!

melroska said...

thanks katelyn!

spongetta - of course! i'm so glad to have come across your shop. if you make another bag like that one, I will definitely send the listing to anyone and everyone who owes me a birthday present this year =)