Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Mel, originally uploaded by Difusa.

This is the first day in a while now that I haven't been super eager as soon as I got up to blog about something exciting. I think I am just unexcitable today. The only slightly interesting thing going on with me is that I've hit the 200 uploads mark on my flickr account, so I suppose I'm going to have to upgrade to a paid account. Anyone with a paid account want to weigh in with how awesome it is (or not)?
Anyway, my day hasn't been going super well from the moment I woke up this morning, but I'm hoping that a delicious burrito dinner will cheer me up. In the meantime, let me try to get in the spirit of things a bit and share the above adorable kitten with you. Hello, it's name is Mel! Just like me!



Anonymous said...

The kitten is cute.

As for flickr, I'm kind of mad at it right now. I forgot my yahoo user id to access my account, which I guess is different than my flickr name, and now I can't acces my account. They won't send anything to my alternate email address and I'm just frustrated with the whole thing.

But I do (or did) love flickr!

melroska said...

that is lame! i hope you can get it worked out.