Friday, July 18, 2008


My creation
I made a bunch of great new books the last couple evenings that I'm really excited about, so it's driving me kind of crazy that I haven't had a chance to photograph them (and probably won't for a couple days). Instead of dwelling on that, I decided to post about some awesome animal notebooks that I've listed in the shop recently. Yep, those are them pictured above. Clockwise from top left we have bears and goats, cats and foxes, scallop shells, terns and pigeons and doves.
Regarding those new books, I'm visiting in Sacramento this weekend, so I probably won't have a chance to photograph them and list them until next week. But you never know...
Have a great weekend!


kim* said...

very cool miss. i always get excited to post things at night but have to wait till there is good lighting hehe

Mary Richmond said...

these are fabulous! i love guidebooks and the way they look and feel--very cool idea!

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Beautiful books! I love the one with the cats.