Friday, August 8, 2008

8! 8! 08!

Today is my lucky day! And your lucky day! And, well, supposedly it's everybody's lucky day, because it's 8/8/08 and 8 is, in Chinese culture, the luckiest of lucky numbers. Before I run out to win the lottery, I decided to compile some of the best lucky charms to be found on etsy.

Cool coiled snake ring from Anomaly Jewelry, who says in this listing that snakes were common symbols of luck in ancient jewelry.

A bottle of sparkly lucky stars from kimiko611. Sweet!

This is such a great gift idea, from reillybelle: customized lucky pennies!

This pretty and poppy wallhanging by ebbtides is a lucky double whammy: you get your lucky horseshoe of course, and you also get some good karma because 50% of the purchase price will go to Utah animal shelter Best Friends.
This necklace from pendantflair is the definition of luck. Literally. Not to mention elegantly simple and striking.
I love the rich saturated colors in this photo of the lucky u motel by jkldesign, taken using a method she calls TTV. Click over to the listing for her definition.

Now, which is your lucky number... seven?...

...or thirteen?

Well, lucky you, reiter8 has both on lovely recycled canvas bags.

I adore this lucky paw keychain from astulabee; a cruelty free version of your standard lucky rabbit's foot! It is so adorable.

Catch some luck in this catch-all lucky ceramic tiny text bowl by palomasnest. So lovely.

Let some of your luck rub off on your guests (ha ha, get it?) and use these lucky horseshoe soaps from karenssoaps in your guest bathroom today.

Ok, I'm off to the races! Hope you all have a super lucky day!


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reiter8 said...

I have a special place in my heart for the number 8, too! Thanks for featuring my recycled sail bags! (I do have 8 totes available in my Etsy shop: