Monday, November 5, 2007

Lunch Break Musings

Sigh. Why is the weekend so short? I have somehow broken through the wall that did not allow me to sleep past 8 am and, let me tell you, I am NOT happy about it. I used to think there was nothing lovelier than sleeping in past noon on a Saturday after being up all night on Friday. That was way back then, when I would have weekdays free to go to places that are open during the day only. Now, I have but one day to do things like go to the post office, or the museum,or a matinee, or, god forbid, the bank: Saturday. Waking up at 8 made it possible for me to do all that and still feel like I was having a nice relaxing weekend day.
Like I said before, I got a big, fat NOTHING done this weekend. But, sitting here at work, I'm starting to get a little inspired! I'm thinking about something cute to do for Christmas ornaments that is kind of 2-dimensional, yet sculptural...I'm being inspired by that Joseph Cornell exhibit I talked about, so I want to something in collage. I hope I won't be too tired when I get home from class tonight to work on some stuff.

Okay, so I have to give a shout out to an awesome Etsy shop, Bradli. A little while ago, I purchased this facial soap and it was soooo awesome. I had this little rough patch on my chin (that I am praying is not psoriasis, as that is something runs in my family) and I couldn't get it to go away; I tried exfoliating and moisturizing, different facial washes and nothing was working. The Bradli face bar was the only thing that made the rough patch COMPLETELY go away. It's amazing. As long as I use the bar, no rough patch. As soon as I stop, the patch comes back. So, there it is, my ringing endorsement of Bradli's Luxury Facial Bar with Avocado, Cucumber, Clay, Chamomile etc., etc.,...

...which, I just saw, is no longer in Bradli's shop. Bradli! Please! This is my plea to you: bring the luxury facial bar back! I don't just want it, I need it.



~Stella said...

That is a juicy photo of said luxury bar. You're making me want one.


melroska said...

We should totally petition Bradli to bring it back. Or, I guess we could just ask her if she's going to be making anymore. I love it so much though I feel like making a big production of it. I'm imagining a group of people with signs and chanting; you know, that sort of thing.