Thursday, January 31, 2008

get ready y'all, get ready

That's right people, you better be getting ready, because tonight is the night...that I very well may be listing new books! I know, the excitement is almost too much for you. Well, just put your head between your knees and breathe in to a paper bag and it'll be all right. Anyway, yes, I made some books yesterday, they're pretty cute, and tonight Steve and I will be taking pictures and with any luck I'll get them up on Etsy by tomorrow! Yay! February will be a whole new month in the land of Roska.
Also, the piece on Roska Handmade I promised you is now delivered! Click RIGHT HERE to view it yourself. Go, bathe in the warmth of my genius. Or, you know, in the tepidness of me making an ass of myself. Whichever. But you should really click up there because the blog in question belongs to Mr. JJMFinance, the purveyor of awesome excel spreadsheets to help you keep your business in business, and he is obviously a real smarty pants and you will want to know what he knows. Trust me.
Well, that is pretty much that. I am working at getting some interviews with some of my fave etsy sellers for your blogreading enjoyment, so look out for that. Wish me lots and lots of luck, because tonight I am taking the Jeopardy Contestant online test! Oh man, my stomach is turning into knots just thinking about it. Oh, also, you should check out my other blog, 1+1=400, because I am trying to bring it back from the dead and I think, if you like movies, you will like it. You should probably add it to your internet favorites because it has a very long address that you will probably find difficult to remember. I know I do.

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