Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Living In Real (Slow) Time

I am the worst business woman in the world, I reckon. There are about a million things that I would really really love to get done to promote myself for The Holiday Season. But I haven't done any of them. I'm hoping that now that I'm pretty much over my sickness I'll be getting back in the swing of things, but I think it might already be too late, at least too late to do every single little thing. (I find this to always be the case with the holidays, I have a list a mile long of Awesome Things to Do that I don't get too because the season goes by sooooo fast. Well, this year I'm going ice skating!) One thing I did manage to do is be included in the current paper n stitch exhibition. It's so exciting that I'm included in this collection of amazing shops because paper n stitch is one of my favorite favorite blogs in the whole world and Brittni, paper n stitch purveyor, is a super sweet gal with impeccable taste. Unfortunately, the site is down right now, but as soon as it's back up I'll be posting links to point you over to my shop as well as some of my peers'.
Update - Here's that link for y'all! paper n stitch and a link to my little shop here. yay! mr

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