Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's raining today. We've had about two weeks of this crazy summer weather, then suddenly, boom, rain. Weird. But at least I have an excuse now to wear a coat again.
I'm seeing Amy Sedaris tonight! How thrilling is that? I'm so excited, she's really great. We're seeing her at City Arts and Lectures, which is a year round series of programs that are usually somebody in conversation with somebody else. We were supposed to see Amy's program last year, but I ended up having class, so that makes this even sweeter.
Oscar nominations came out this morning. For the most part they are super weak. I'm really over this Slumdog Millionaire business. Really, I was over it about 30 minutes after I watched it. But I'm way way over it now. But whatever. I still need to see Benjamin Button and maybe Revolutionary Road. I don't think I can see The Reader, it looks like the most ridiculous thing ever. And Doubt looks super boring. So, yeah, should be an exciting Oscars. I am interested to see what kind of host Hugh Jackman will make.

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