Thursday, January 29, 2009

Steve and I hit up City Arts and Lectures again last night. This time we went to see Neko Case. She was great! The conversation started off a little slow; the woman who was interviewing her was a (She's also the Oscar winning screenwriter of Thelma and Louise and director of Mad Money, which is exciting because it means she's met Queen Latifah. Color me jealous!) But, in spite of it Neko told some really fascinating stories. She also performed about 5 songs, most from her upcoming album, Middle Cyclone. I was really excited that she does a version of one of my favorite Harry Nilsson songs, Don't Forget Me. Seeing her really made me want to see her live again, but it seems that the closest she'll come to me in the next year is Reno. With luck, she's still planning on adding more tour dates. I hope I'm able to go to one of her shows, her voice is absolutely amazing on her records, but it's mesmerizing to see that voice come out of an actual person...and she is totally winning and really funny. So, yes, it seems I'm smitten.
Also, I totally love that album cover; how rad is that?
Also, check out the cool tshirts at KMStitchery. I want Alice Paul, Victoria Woodhull and Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I just can't decide on which one I want most.

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