Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Next weekend (the weekend of Friday the 13th!) Steve and I are going down to Southern California for a little vacation, and I have fixated on this idea of me walking around LA in a cute summer dress. I don't know how I got this stuck in my mind, sometimes these things just happen I guess. I've been browsing etsy's vintage clothing because the dress in my little daydream has a square-ish neck, like this dress from yosemite vintage:

I think this dress is totally adorable and almost perfect, but I am also one hundred percent sure that it would make Steve want to throw up. My daydream doesn't involve Steve looking at me with disappointment the way he has in the past when I wore, say, my indian necklace tshirt. I have to say though, I think secretly Steve wants me to dress in the manner that he professes to disapprove of; why else would he buy me Star Trek tshirts? Anyway, much as it pains me, I think the butterfly dress is off the table. I was thinking the red dress above, from my sweetie pie pie might be a reasonable compromise, but I'm realizing now I'm a little scared of buying a dress without trying it on. Do any readers have any experience with online clothes shopping or any advice for me?


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